My parents’ car broked down too weeks ago and they needed one, but unfortunately they could not afford it. I said to myself that they are pretty old and they need a car and I should help them. Of course I could not affort a too expensive one and I thought that maybe I could find a good deal on the internet.
I found a car on this website and it seemed ok. It was a small Fiat, very economic, good price, in other words just what my parents needed.
I was not that nadve to think that everyone who claims to sell a car at a very good price is necessarily onest about it. I was sceptic enough to prevent scams or something like this. One of my co-workers suggested me this company, called gtxtrader.com. He did not know very much about them either but he knew that his brother used it to buy an RV last year.
Being concerned about my money I thought that gtxtrader.com would be the best solution not to get scammed. And they really were. I contacted them and told the agent who answered my situation. He was really eager to help me and he explained me, step by step, how their payment procedure works. It sounded ideal so I decided to use them as mediators.
I called the owner of the car I wanted to buy, persuaded him to use gtxtrader.com as a brokerage firm so we both can trust eachother. I would not lose my money to some scammer and he will surely sell his car.
It was a piece of cake. I send the money to gtxtrader.com, the seller brought me the car as we discussed and then gtxtrader.com released the funds for the transaction. They have a system that proved to be genius. I wonder why I did not know about them before. Anyway, everything worked out just fine in the end. I trusted them completely with my money and they really respected that.


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