Lightyear Wireless Review, Expert Opinion On How To Be Successful In This Opportunity

Lightyear wireless was founded in 2003 by Sherman Henderson. Lightyear wireless is a premiere company in network marketing. Their service revolves around the telecommunication industry which is a trillion dollar industry. Sherman had the right idea to start a network marketing company, that can provide people with a reasonable service and allow people the opportunity to have their own business.

Lightyear wireless focuses on providing cellphone, residential and broadband services to consumers. Since their technology utilizes Voip (Voice Over IP) you can get incredibly cheap rates which will cost you hundreds at other companies.

Everyone today uses a phone and needs communication in their daily lives; with lightyear wireless you can truly build your own profitable business. Lightyear Wireless is rapidly becoming one of the largest providers of residential, small office and home office communications services around the globe.

Lightyear wireless also has a large range of cell phones everything from their own Motorola and Blackberries.

The Lightyear Wireless Business Opportunity…

While some of the major phone carriers like Verizon, Sprint and AT&T don’t allow you to start your own business, with lightyear wireless you’re presented with a solid business opportunity. You can earn money off your own phone usage and the usage of others.

This is where the opportunity really comes in with Lightyear wireless, when you start to build an actual team. Lightyear wireless pays you a percentage of people you sponsor into the company. When your team sponsors other team members you still get a percentage off who they sponsor. Light year wireless offers true residual income that can last you for lifetime as you continue to build your team.

Lightyear wireless also provides their distributors with many other incentives and bonuses if your team continues to grow.

Is Lightyear Wireless A Scam?

Today Lightyear wireless has thousands of customers and representative all across the USA. Lightyear wireless is no way,shape or form a scam. In Fact Lightyear wireless is becoming a big name in the telecommunication and network marketing industry. They are a reputable company with amazing services and products.

How Do You Build A Successful Business With Lightyear Wireless?

This is where a lot of people miss the boat. Many people when they join a business opportunity like lightyear wireless they try to build their business with old methods.

Some of these methods consist of talking to family and friends, calling up old college buddies or even buying and cold calling leads. The people who are actually having success in lightyear wireless are the ones who learned how to market.

You see “Marketing” is the key to maximize any company’s compensation plan. Most people fail to obtain the necessary skills to truly build a solid business.

You can’t just rely on talking to family and friends. One of the best places to apply marketing is on the Internet. The internet allows you to build your business globally and save you a lot of time doing it.

This is the true formula to success, if you master this you will have no limits to how big you could build your business. Becoming a Marketing Master + Right Business Opportunity = Massive Success. It is that simple. Now the question is where will you stand?

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Success Starts With An Idea Then Is Followed Up By Massive Action Towards One’s Goals.


Ardyss International Review, A Critical Review On How To Sponsor An Unlimited Amount of Distributors

Ardyss is a unique company in network marketing. Ardyss literally has a product that no other company in network marketing posses. The name of their flagship product is the Body Magic Two Step System. Ardyss uses shapewear along with nutritional products to help people drop a few sizes almost instantly.

When I first heard about this I didn’t believe it. After seeing the results and many happy customers in Ardyss I knew it worked. Ardyss is now one of the elite companies in network marketing. Drawing people from all over the world either using their products or involve in the business opportunity.

The Ceo of Ardyss is Miguel Arvaez. Miguel has a vision with Ardyss to help many people achieve their dreams financially and with their products. Ardyss international is now center stage in network marketing. They have been on NBC, CNN and other public broadcast showing their product and how people are truly building a successful business.

Ardyss growing product line is now extending into skin care products. This just makes for ardyss to be more enticing to entrepreneurs and consumers alike.

Ardyss International has a solid business model built for success. They have professional teams of doctors, engineers, cosmetologists and nutriologists .All of their product now and in the future will always be manufactured with the consumer interest in mind.

Ardyss Business Opportunity…

Ardyss has a lucrative business opportunity, compensating their distributors through retails sales, sales from their personally sponsor team and many other bonuses. Ardyss also has many other streams of income as you continue to build your team. One sponsored member can be worth has much as sixty thousand dollars to you.

What Does It Really Take To Sponsor An Unlimited Amount Of Distributors?

The fact of the matter is whatever business you decide to build in network marketing you need people. You don’t just need anybody you need business builders on your team.

You can’t rely on trying to sponsor family and friends or cold calling trying to convince uninterested people. Uninterested people on your team will in eventually quit, because they never had the true desire to succeed.

Ardyss is a unique opportunity but in order for you to maximize their compensation plan you have to learn how to market. “Point Blank” so many people enter network marketing sold on the opportunity but forget the one critical element which is “Marketing”.

I think the best way to truly build a business is leveraging the power of the internet. You can seriously build your business all over the world if you know what you’re doing.

You can actually use the internet to save you a huge amount of time. You see but with the internet comes some key concepts you must grasp and understand. These concepts fall under Branding and Marketing.

Your focus should be to become a master marketer not just being part of an opportunity.

The business opportunity is only 20 percent of the battle; mastering marketing is the other 80 percent. The Formula for success is Master Marketing + Good Business Opportunity = Massive Success. How will you move forward?

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Dwayne Pyle
Internet Network Marketing Visionary

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Success Starts With An Idea Then Is Followed Up By Massive Action Towards One’s Goals.


USANA Review, How To Attract An Unlimited Amount Of Distributors

Once in a while in network marketing you have those special companies. A company that goes the distance and proves itself year after year in a competitive market, provides people with a unique product and business opportunity. That company is Usana Health sciences a state of the art vitamins and nutritional supplement company.

Usana Health Sciences was founded in 1992 by Dr. Mryon Wentz. Dr. Wentz had a vision in 1992 and over 20 years later that vision is going stronger than ever. Usana has been listed as one of the top home based business opportunities, is publicly traded on the nasdaq and has people all over the world using their nutritional products.

Usana has distributors all over the world that’s making a full time income and enjoying the benefits Usana has to offer. Every year Usana grows leaps in bounds in all facets of the network marketing industry.

People from all walks of life are using Usana products, including world class athletes and leading physicians.

How Does Usana Health Sciences Compensate Their Distributors?

Usana Health Sciences has a lucrative compensation plan, paying their distributors six different ways. Usana compensates their distributors for retail sales, weekly commissions, matching bonuses, incentive bonuses, leadership and elite bonuses.

No wonder so many people are flocking to Usana!

Usana Health Sciences has a lucrative compensation plan, paying their distributors six different ways. Usana compensates their distributors for retail sales, weekly commissions, matching bonuses, incentive bonuses, leadership and elite bonuses.

No wonder so many people are flocking to Usana!

Is Usana Health Sciences A Scam or Fraud?

After reading all you read about Usana so far, being around for almost 30 years, millions of people using their products and having hundred of thousands of distributors all over the world what would you think?  Right Usana Health Sciences Is far from a scam or fraud. In fact Usana pays out 45 percent of their income to distributors.

How Do Attract An Unlimited Amount Of Distributors?

Usana being the amazing opportunity it is you still have to sponsor people if you don’t you can never benefit.

The only way to truly attract an unlimited amount of people to your team, is by becoming a master marketer. Most people join companies like Usana harass friends and family, buy leads or start cold calling people. These are techniques you don’t want to rely on to build a solid business.

Part of becoming a master marketing is learning how to generate your on leads on a daily basis and brand yourself. There are thousands of distributors in Usana how are you going to stand out from them? Marketing is really main piece to the puzzle of being successful in any network marketing company. Learn how to market and you’ll have the keys to massive success.

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Advocare Review, An Expert Opinion On How To Prosper With This Opportunity

If you’re reading this review you’re probably consider joining Advocare. AdvoCare is a premier health and wellness company offering world-class energy, weight-loss, nutrition, and sports performance products along with a rewarding business opportunity.Advocare was founded by Charlie Ragus in 1993. Advocare has been in business for 16 years and has become a member of the DSA (Direct Selling Association).

Advocare has thousands of distributors all across the USA. Many celebrities and professional athletes even endorse and use advocare energy performance products. One of Advocare flagship products is the Advocare spark energy drink. This drink will have you slam dunking like Michael Jordan.

Advocare Compensation Plan Allows You To Earn Income 5 Ways

Retail Profits – Advocare will pay you up to 40 percent on all products you sell.

Wholesale Commission – Sponsor other distributors and earn 20 percent on all products they sell. The more Advocare distributors you sponsor the bigger your check.

Organizational Sales Volume – You will earn based on how much you and your team sales as a group.

Leadership Bonuses – Earn 3-19 percent on your complete organization.

Incentive,Trips And Pay Bonuses – Adocare will give away free bonuses and trips for their thriving distributors.

Dominate In Advocare With An Effective Marketing Plan

The problem I see why most people fail in a great business opportunity like Advocare is because they don’t know how to market. Most people after weeks of joining a home based business start to harass family and friends. You don’t want to depend on harassing the people you love in order to be prosper in your new business. The primary reason I wrote this review was to explain how you can prosper in Advocare.

Advocare is an awesome opportunity with many benefits but in order to be successful you must learn how to market. If your serious about prospering there are 3 key concepts you must understand.

Marketing – You see joining Advocare is just not enough, if you don’t know how to market your business how will you prosper? Understanding how to market your business Is the only way you’re going to truly take advantage of the compensation plan.

Branding – Advocare like most network marketing companies gives you a replicated website. The only way for you to standout from the rest of the distributors in Advocare is to have your own branded website.

Lead Generation – The only way your going to be successful in your business is to learn how to generate your own leads. You must master how to draw traffic to your branded website.

My Video Explaining The Importance Of Marketing

In Conclusion

To build any business it takes dedication and hard work. Advocare is one of the elite companies in this industry but joining an elite company is only 30 percent of the game.Understanding how to market is the other 70 percent. So if you looking to be part of this business opportunity remember that there is more to it than just joining the business.

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Pur3x Pure Energy Club Review, Critical Review On How To Sponsor A Big Team

The buzz is back but this time is it for real or another dud? I’ve seen in my time in network marketing energy drink companies come and go. Today we are going to talk about Pur3x a new energy drink company, launched in 2010. Now I don’t know about you but Pure Energy Club (Pur3x) has success written all over. This is not your normal fly by night energy drink company.

Pur3x was founded by Andrew Rinehart a gentlemen with massive business and sales experience. Andrew has a passion for building quality businesses that benefit the masses.

Pur3x is now a growing company in network marketing. Their flagship product is called Pure. Pure is a energy drink that provides massive benefits for their consumers. Pure is not your normal energy. This drink can have you dunking like “Lebron James” well not literally but it provides a great energy boost. Pure is a drink that has many health benefits.

Pure consist of vitamins A,B,E ,minerals, antioxidants and has supplements to boost your immune system. Pure energy drink also has the rare exotic acai berry and other key ingredients. The pure energy drink is unique and very tasteful. Now you can understand why this Pur3x is not your average juice company.

How Does Pur3x Pay Their Distributors?

Pur3x has a yet simple but effective compensation plan. You can establish a lifelong residual income with Pur3x. Pure energy club pays you 12 levels deep and unlimited levels wide. This means you can sponsor how many people you want and get paid a massive amount of residual. Depending on the amount of distributors on your team, Pur3x will pay you anywhere from $6.00 to $8.00 for each distributor, in monthly residual income.

How Do You Sponsor A Big Team In Pur3x?

Once they realize most of their family and friends don’t join they start harassing everyone else they know. You see the bottom line is, if you join a network marketing company you need to understand the second word in network marketing. Yes “Marketing” if you don’t know how to market and generate your own leads your business will go nowhere.

This doesn’t matter what company you join. You need these skills to be successful. The best place to build your business is leveraging the power of the internet. You need to learn how to you can have people to talk on a daily basis about your business.

In most network marketing companies they give you a replicated website. So how will you stand out from all of the other distributors in your company? Why would someone want to join you over them?

You have to also learn how to brand yourself and stand out. You see most people fail in network marketing because they never truly learn these crucial skills. The big players and people who dominate any company they chose, have a simple formula. This formula is Desire to succeed + The right marketing skills = success. That’s it.

The next question is how will you move forward?

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