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Lightyear wireless review: for some of you it may be an interesting article to look at for some others it could a guessing game: what is Lightyear Wireless. Well interestingly this is a full fledged wireless company with a nation wide 3G network coverage in USA. What really catches the attention of people is their new MLM marketing techniques.

Before we get into the specifics of the MLM marketing, let us first look at what do they have to offer their customers. This is important as it will give you an idea of whether it is worth reading more about this company. If their services excite you, then you could be very well rewarded for your interest!

Lightyear Wireless Review


This company offers its customers a wide range of phones that they can choose from. If you prefer to just talk, you can go for the simple flip phone with no data support. If you like to share pictures you have the camera phone and if you are business savvy or just like to have smart phones, you can get a rich collection to choose from too. If you purchase these online, you could get a great discounts too.


Next comes the services that they have on offer. You have a wide choice depending on your usage habits. You can choose from plain talk time of 200 or 300 minutes if you tend to use your phone occasionally. If you are into texting your friends and colleagues a lot then you can choose such a plan too. If you are just an ardent phone user, you have the all unlimited plan too.

Besides regular texting and talking you have options of picture mail; where you can share your photos with your friends and family. You can also opt for Blackberry email service too. What is more both these values adds come with unlimited usage for an additional fee.

Now lets come to the marketing strategy for this phone company. Recently Lightyear Wireless decided to opt for MLM option to sell their services. What this means is that you, me or anyone else can become their sales representative and sell their services. As a rep you get some great discounts on their phones and for every new customer that you introduce you get some income too.

It is a revolutionary idea in the phone company space. The best part about this company and its strategy is that you not only get a good service, but you can earn some extra income too. But you need to be really good at online marketing to make the most of this lucrative phone subscription.


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