A Trump Network Review – Can It Work For Me?

When a company can have an owner with a recognized name, especially in the MLM industry, it will definitely create interest. That applies here with Donald Trump. The following Trump Network Review will hopefully help you decide if this program is for you.

First of all, this is not a new company. Trump purchased or invested in a company that has been in existence since the late 1990’s, called Ideal Health. They have a good reputation and offered solid products in the Supplement segment of the MLM industry.

By attaching the Trump name to their company, it has generated new interest. It’s amazing that so many people can be moved towards a company or idea, just because of a famous name. In this case, the company does appear to offer good products and a relatively unique idea of Custom Nutrition. The company focuses on one product that can be built based on your biological needs. Does that make it better for you? Well, only time will tell. A company called Genewize has been doing this for several years with some success.

If you are new to this industry, you must learn a couple of things before you decide which company to donate your time. Conceptually, the Trump Network meets all of the legal definitions set forth by the Federal Trade Commission. So it’s legal. The compensation is no better or worse than other companies in the MLM industry. So you can make money. However, as with all MLM companies your success will be heavily based on your sponsor and how they suggest or teach you to build your business.

In all multi-level marketing companies, it is imperative that you build and develop a retail base of customers. Right now, this company is pretty hot and several of the people that I spoke with are intent on having a sponsoring frenzy. This is a huge mistake and it will kill your business. If you spend time adding new customers, getting them buying the products on a monthly basis and consistently spending money, a couple of things are likely to happen and one for sure.

You will earn commissions on your personal sales. It may not be a bunch, but you are building a foundation for your business that can make you more stable. Secondly, you will develop new distributors from these people. Who is a better business associate than one who is sold on the benefits of the product? There are none better.

The compensation plan for the Trump Network is fine. They claim to have massive over spill, but from some of the people that I spoke with that was very big in the beginning and has slacked off over the past few months. All this means is that you, as you should be, are in control of your business.

You can earn money with this company and you are capable of building a business. It is imperative that you due your own diligence to determine if this is the right company for you. Remember this! If you work hard, you win. If you build your business properly, you earn money. When you stick with one company, with good products, a solid income can be developed. So, do your homework and maybe this will be the one that you can make millions doing.


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