Aweber Review, Is Aweber The Best Email Autoresponder Service

One thing that I realized since becoming an entrepreneur, that there is one marketing tool that is vital to having any success online. That marketing tool is an auto responder. I get prospects and team members all the time asking how do you make money while you sleep? A big part of that is having an email autoresponder.

An autoresponder gives you so much power in your business. You can literally build relationships, train people and marketing products to thousands of people at a time. That is of course if your list is that big. I’m sure you heard the saying “ The Money is In The List” I couldn’t agree with that phrase more.

Having an autoresponder has done wonders for my business. When implementing an autoresponder in your business you must make sure you choose the right one. This is so important; there are so many autoresponder out there that isn’t worth the trouble.

The one autoresponder that I eventually choose was Aweber. When it comes to email marketing Aweber is at the top of the list for many reason which I will list shortly.

Aweber was founded in 1998 and was created to help small businesses utilize and maximize the potential of email marketing. Today Aweber has over 75,000 clients trust me these guys know what there doing.

I tried many autoresponders and none of them provided the options and services which aweber provides. An autoresponder can be the difference between having success and failure in your business. Imagine sending out emails daily and none of your customers received your email?  That would be a nightmare right? Well this is why having the right autoresponder is so important.

Why Is Aweber The Best Email Autoresponder?

These are some of the main reason which makes Aweber the top of the line when it comes to email marketing.

  • Aweber Has A 99 Percent Deliverability Rate
  • Over 100 Email Marketing Templates
  • Unlimited Email Campaigns
  • Customizable Webforms
  • Email Web Analytics For Unique Tracking
  • Subscriber Management
  • Blog RSS Feeds
  • Customer Support Online Chat And Support Number

These are just a few features Aweber offers. The learning curve for aweber was only a few hours. It’ didn’t take me long to understand all of the features and benefits of aweber. When I did have questions the support team was very helpful which is important if you’re looking for the best email autoresponder look no further than Aweber.

But hey what do I know? I only built several profitable lists with Aweber and still using the service today.

“The Money Is In The List

AWeber proves it to thousands of businesses every day.

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