Bellissima Review: The Good,the Bad and The Ugly Exposed

Bellissima reviewBellissima A In Depth Look At The Company

Well there is no good,bad and ugly but in this review I’m going to share all of the details you need to know about Bellissima.

Bellissima Bath and Body is a privately owned company that has been operating since 2005. Their headquarters are in San Diego, California. This is a Bellissima review taking a closer look to see what products are offered, what is involved in their sales and what kind of profit can be made.

Bellissima is a company that sells bath and body, spa and skincare products using direct sales. Independent consultants have numerous ways to conduct their business. Some of the popular options are selling the products online and through at-home spa parties.

Bellissima Products Explained…

First, all interested persons must purchase a business kit. It is just $89 and includes items to get their business running, such as full size products, training and business supplies, valued at $120. The company provides all consultants access to online training for one year, an email address and support from trainers.

After receiving the business kit, many consultants will ask people to host parties in their homes. The host would invite over some friends and the consultant would do a demonstration of the products. After the demonstration, people would have the opportunity to purchase the products. This is a popular option for many consultants, as it builds revenue and a customer base quickly. It is important to ask for more bookings at each party, as this is the way that one would grow their business. Hosting a party comes with perks, like free products, so make sure to let potential hosts know what benefits they are eligible for.

How People Can Benefit From The Bellissima Opportunity

Others may prefer to sell products online by setting up their own website. By advertising the website, customers can place orders directly from the site. The company has a website also that customers can place orders from. If the customer has a representative, the website allows their number to be used so that the representative will receive credit for the sales. Of course, returning customers from the parties can use the website for future orders.

Independent Consultants receive commission, which is a certain percentage of sales that are made. The potential to earn is enormous, as one is in control of how much they make. Consultants are considered to be self-employed, working hours of their choosing. This is a perfect business opportunity for those that are mothers, but need some income.

The target customer is women, since the products sold are skincare and beauty products. Even in hard times, women are going to continue to spend money on looking good. The outlook is good, which is important. One wants to make sure that they are selling products that aren’t going to become obsolete.

After the Bellissima review, this company is one that would be recommended. The potential to make money is there. Also, the company offers support to its consultants, which is imperative for those that are just getting started out in the business. The support provided will assist many in becoming successful. The kit is priced below $100, which is relatively cheaper than many other companies’ start-up kits. All of these things can lead to a successful business opportunity for the right person.

How To Have Major Success When Trying To Build A Bellissima Business

The key to success in any company is for you to learn how to market it. Alot of people join businesses like this and never reach their potential because they simply never acquired the skills to do so. If you can equip your self with the right tools and training there is nothing that can stop you from having success. Make sure you follow the step below to get trained for success.


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