Business To Business Networking Key Ways To Network And Be Profitable

Business To Business Networking

Networking is the key factor to success in any business. It is true what they say about your network is your net worth. This video I had to make because many people forget that this industry is all about relationships and working with like minded people. If you are able to network with people on a daily basis it will surely position you to make alot of money in your business.

More important than that you will be able to form long lasting profitable relationships that can benefit you for a lifetime. This is position that I’m sure you would love to be in. Watch the video above and put into action what I tell you. Make sure your forming relationships daily with like minded people.


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4 thoughts on “Business To Business Networking Key Ways To Network And Be Profitable”

  1. Dwayne, this is a great video. Was just having this conversation with a good friend of mine. It boils down to the connections and relationships you create with people. It’s such a beautiful thing when you look at it that way. You bring so much Value to the marketplace. Your Leadership and training is appreciated! Great Video Dwayne!

  2. Hi Dwayne,
    I am a safety consultant. I want to expand my network to inner city religious leaders so they can help neighbors stop crime, drugs and violence. Safe Kids Now has educational tools to empower leaders but it is difficult to get them to take action. Any suggestions for me? Thanks, Stephanie

    P.S. Religious leaders are the key to stopping this epidemic of lost children!
    EVERY DAY IN AMERICA…4 children killed by abuse or neglect, 9 teens killed by firearms, OVER 200 children arrested for violent crimes, 375 children arrested for drug abuse, 2,200 high school students drop out, 2,350 youth confirmed abused or neglected, 4,200 youth arrested, 18,100 public school students suspended

  3. Hey Stephanie the best thing you can do is actually contact them and find out their needs and see if what you do is the solution to their problems.

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