Elur Review: All The Facts

Elur is a Florida based network marketing company slated for its launch this July 2010. The company has created much ado even before its official launch due to its much-glazed pre-launch press conferences. The hyped mission of the company boasts, To Remain Dedicated to the Advancement of the Science of Anti-Aging and Wealth development. In better words, this new company aims to distinguish itself from the crowd of other network companies in the competition by foraying its new range of nutritional products formulated to enhance the balance, health and longevity. Elur review will give you more idea about this.

The company is financially independent and will storm the market as a debt free organization. The management of the company is lead by a team of well experienced executives, headed by Cutis Call, as the hon. CEO and Clint McKinlay, as the President.

However, there is a huge an array of such nutritional companies fighting over wooing consumers in the market. So what makes Elur a better choice? As per the leaders of the company, the range of products on offer is developed on the basis of a new technology, Nutribind technology. This first-of-its-kind advanced technology optimizes the Liposomes to enhance the capacity of the body for nutrient absorption.

The company has primarily launched four ranges of products that essentially work towards combating the impact of growing age on our entire body system. The first product in the range is Elur Mind and works as a natural suppressor of stress and tension in the body muscles. Going by the claims of the makers of the product, Elur Mind is a complete solution for fighting problems of pre-mature exhaustion, poor concentration and lethargy.

The second product, Elur Cardio, seems to be most promising of all. The company test result reveals that the product proves effectual at alleviating bad cholesterol level, triglycerides and blood sugar by considerable percentages.

Elur Immune is designed to boost the immune system and the last product Elur Multi V improves the overall health of the body system. The Multi V seems to be an amazing combination of essential minerals, natural biovialable, minerals, amino acids that encourage growth and repair of the body.

Mr. Call appears to be a wizard in online marketing as he seems to be offering much more than the company products. The company offers a plan better known as the Linear Compensation according to which each member wins himself an opportunity to earn as a considerable commission for convincing other people to sign-up for the membership of the company.


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