The Inside Track About Empower Network


Why Empower Network ?

Empower Network, hum….

So the issue is, can Empower Network be the “Next Big Thing”?

Nicely maybe or even not.

So ahead of I go on to answer that burning question I assume I really should digress the following and give you a fast overview of specifically what the Empower Network really is, and what it’s not.

Empower Network could be the brainchild of web marketers David Wooden and David Sharpe who looking for a distinct and distinctive business design ended up combining facets of affiliate internet marketing, key products launch, greed, fear of reduction, as well as a quasi Mlm sort commission that employs multiple levels within its framework but passes cash flow upline employing a comp prepare variation borrowed from immediate revenue versions recognized a pass up system.

Perplexed however?

Properly there is certainly much more, and from the way what is Empower Network truly promoting? Is there actually an item right here or is this just another variation of the pyramid funds transfer program?

Wow! Clean my mouth out with soap! I can’t even feel individuals phrases came from my mouth!

Search I am not a Multi level marketing hater, I’ve been inside the Multilevel marketing sector for over 25 years and have been a 7 determine earner in that industry for a lot of years and I like the business.

But there is also the dark underbelly of pure fraud that hovers within the edge of the house based mostly enterprise market, and there are always people who discover some new approach to push the envelope with a new solution or business product and it variety of leaves you scratching your head wanting to determine what side of the fence a new gangbuster deal falls on.

That’s type of where I was after i looked at Empower Network.

On its floor Empower Network can be a pure funds offer, and like it or not dollars bargains attract folks. I mean we are all in company to create money proper?

Then there is certainly the “wave effect” in marketing and advertising wherever some new software or “new fantastic thing” hits the marketplace along with the early adopters all leap on board then simply because plenty of men and women are joining others sign up for just so they will not be left behind.

The assumed is Wow! Everyone else is performing it so I greater get on board!

But is there truly much more to Empower Network than simply a shell that permits you to make funds by enrolling other individuals who enroll other individuals who enroll others and then sit in the beach as the automated pass up system deposits funds to the merchant account?

Well kind of.

The Empower Network System

So let me break it down in your case in a type that is simple to fully grasp, nonetheless it even now may be difficult to categorize Empower Network because this is a completely new business model.

Empower Network is definitely an affiliate product launch which has at its core 3 items.

The core solution is really a self replicating WordPress blog that is certainly presently optimized for Search engine optimization (research motor optimization), so that if you compose website posts the various search engines use a much better possibility of finding your content material and ranking you on Google or the other search engines.

Now optimizing a WordPress website for Search engine optimization is not that arduous if you know what you might be performing but for those who usually do not, Empower Network shortcuts the engineering understanding curve pretty dramatically so this is a good issue.

This part of the system will cost you a basic membership fee of $25 monthly.

The following Empower Network item is an on the internet education program known as the “Inner Circle” that is made up of numerous recorded trainings by David Sharp and David Wood covering topics such as: Down & Dirty Marketing and advertising Secrets, Hypnotic Offering Secrets, How to close 95% of your prospects, and other on the web success trainings.

Now this component with the system will set you back $100 per month on top from the $25 a month you are presently paying.

So may be the “Inner Circle” actually worth what you pay for it?

Now just to keep it in perspective you must keep in mind that these guys know their stuff. David Wooden and David Sharp are both very accomplished online marketers. David Wooden in particular even though my competitive nature makes it challenging to admit, is probably one in the most talented markers working on the web today.

Also I imagine the intent in the Empower Network founders is to keep adding to this online library by sharing the success and strategies of other successful members using the program therefore the curriculum ought to grow.

The following solution inside the system could be the “Costa Rica Intensive” education. This can be a high def recording of the live 2 day coaching intensive that David Wood recently did in Costa Rica exactly where about a dozen men and women paid $3000 each to get teaching from David Wooden on how to create the same type of magic in the on the web market as he does.

This Empower Network products will set you back a one time payment of $500.

The Empower Network Compensation Plan

Now all main products launches within the world of world wide web marketing share quite much the same characteristics, they may be all “How to” info products or trainings where the promoter is basically telling you “I have made millions online utilizing this method or approach and if you pay me I will show you specifically how I did it”

The idea the following of course is that should you buy the education and study the material you can do the same thing they do and of course have the same financial success.

Now it is a valid market, and it has been done in enterprise just about forever and people will in fact pay massive funds for key information especially if they see it as a missing link to their financial success or if they just want a step by step “how to” guide rather than attempting to determine it out themselves.

I’ve never had a problem with paying for coaching, specific organization designs, or coaching. Heck in my last conventional company I paid more than $35,000 for a license charge and 3 day coaching intensive on how to setup a successful banking service company.

Now the online advertising and marketing world has caught on to this model and you can find lots of individuals out there marketing coaching goods.

Also the stakes are much higher with the internet mixed in. I indicate there are probably above 1.8 billion people on-line today and in the event you can tap even the smallest fraction of that traffic and provide an item they want you can make millions with just your laptop.

Today there are numerous talented marketers who have done just that, and after that they turn around package that technique into a education, and sell it in mass making additional millions in profit.

So is David Wooden in that same league?


properly if he isn’t there nevertheless, he is rather close.

Even so, his Empower Network coaching just isn’t a specific approach but rather a dollars making technique wrapped around some general core teaching products that can teach you general on the internet advertising and marketing success principles.

A in Depth Look at Empower Network…

The Empower Network Compensation Prepare

That is actually what is attracting all the attention. Once you enroll as a Empower Network member, you get a replicated product sales presentation funnel that you can then send your prospects to.

When those prospects take the tour and listen to David Wooden and David Sharpe’s presentation, they are then offered the opportunity to buy the monthly membership to the blogging platform for $25 a thirty day period. If they purchase that, then the up-sell process begins and they are up coming offered the opportunity to buy in at the following level, the “Inner Circle” training for an additional $100 each month.

If they purchase that, then there is certainly however one more up-sell that offers them the Costa Rica coaching intensive for a one time fee of $500.

The profit potential around the Empower Network method is truly fairly amazing since for every qualified member that buys into your program you could be making $125 a month in re-occurring commissions and also a nice $500 one time bonus commission.

Now the presentation constantly stresses the fact that you will be receiving 100% commissions on all your revenue, but as the up-sell makes very clear, to receive commissions on your $25 orders you must of course be active around the $25 membership, and in case you want to receive the $100 re-occurring commissions you must be also active at that level or the sale your program makes in your case will roll up to the sponsor. The same also goes with the $500 products.

So first the revenue presentation appeals to your funds making facet by offering you a 100% commission, (OK let’s be honest right here and just call it greed), then the fear of loss clicks in once you realize that should you don’t upgrade to the higher ranges you’re going to miss these commissions.

Now for the leverage…

There is certainly an additional huge greed kicker the following considering that if you enroll people in your method, then they bring customers in, every 2nd, 4th 6th member they enroll, after which every 5th one after that ends up passing up to you and you receive the 100% commissions on individuals product sales also.

This pass-up keeps going since the person that you passed up will in turn pass-up their 2nd, 4th, and 6th sale etc, this pass-up composition actually goes down to infinity therefore the cash flow potential is rather huge if you sponsor lots of folks and they do the same.

So in result you get the leverage of an Mlm style comp plan with an affiliate “info product”.

Can we say Wow!…..

Now of course if you have ever sat through a Multi level marketing presentation prior to and watched a pro draw the circles on a white board and then run the famous arithmetic progression….

…. So in case you get 2, and they get 2, and so on…. you magically have 3125 people in your group in merely a few months.

That’s if your team members actually sponsor other people, and so on.

Yes of course the potential having a multi level comp plan is staggering, which is what draws so many opportunity seekers into the sector every year, but of course in practice things usually don’t progress specifically the same as inside the example.

This is the same hypnotic power that the Empower Network comp prepare has.

So OK Marc……get to the point, is this a thumbs up or thumbs down offer?

Properly I have to say you’ll find things I like about it and things I don’t.

Let’s start with the don’t likes.

I don’t like the Empower Network introduction video presentation very much. I see several on the web marketers today that when offering their solution, they somehow feel the need to oversell after which take way to long getting to the point, and David Sharpe is very guilty of this.

Revenue overkill just annoys me, but of course the Empower Network method is working and they generated above $1,000,000 in sales in just the first 22 days, so probably just ignore that comment.

I also don’t like the way they keep referring to the fact that you get 100% commissions but then seem to ignore the fact that if you are passing up every 2nd, 4th, 6th etc that is certainly not really 100% it’s really a lot more like 50% about the first 6 and after that 80% thereafter.

Now of course you do receive 100% about the commissions you really are qualified to receive but not on all your traffic or generated product sales.

Also around the flip facet you do receive the benefit of individuals pass-ups also and should you get a great deal of men and women going the earnings influence it generates can be huge.

So now on to the things I like.

Look it’s a “Wave Effect” offer and whether you approve or not, lots of dollars is made in them, so either take a flyer and surf the wave or get your binoculars and watch it recede into the distance even though you think about all the funds you could have made.

It’s an ambitious, aggressive, very creative business model and kudos to you guys for bringing it off.

In the end I can not tell you whether or not this deal has legs or how long it will last, but wave influence offers have a way of becoming viral and I am sure there will be some huge dollars made with Empower Network even in the short term.

Keep in mind that earnings potential aside, there is certainly really a real solution the following. So in case you are having trouble making the “buy” decision just based mostly on “can I make a ton of funds if I invest $625 to buy all the levels”, then take a look with the Empower Network teaching and tools and determine if what you are buying truly is worth the money.

While in the end I would have to say that it’s probably worth far more than $625 just to get your hands on 10 hours of David Woods “Costa Rica Intensive” coaching.

Appear I know David personally, and my competitive nature aside, they guy is excellent.

Now keep in mind that the most successful on-line enterprise design is to develop multiple streams of cash flow, so even should you are excited about this and be part of, I would not drop your other business marketing efforts this sort of as your primary Network marketing to focus all you attention the following.

Focus around the Empower Network for what it truly is, a really wonderful affiliate earnings stream that could make you a great deal of money.

Now one final note the following, in the event you have never been successful generating leads online ahead of, Empower Network just isn’t your magic solution. It’s simply an item with a great deal more sex appeal than most others and that makes it much easier to sell.

What is Your Empower Network Marketing Plan?

The final piece of the puzzle is learning online lead generation. You need to be generating at least 15-20 fresh laser targeted leads from people who are interested in you Empower Network business on a daily business. Leads are the lifeblood of your business, and without them you will not be able to sponsor new reps or be able to sell the products. So what’s the best online lead generation blueprint on the Internet?


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