Jafra Review Everything You Need To Know To Be Successful in This Business

Jafra ReviewJafra International The Opportunity

Jafra cosmetics an international direct selling company is a leader in the beauty and skin care industry. It was established by Frank and Jan Day over 50 years ago. They created unique skin care products, fragrances and cosmetics. Their objective was to help women become beautiful and be seen for their true value. This Jafra Cosmetics review looks at the products and business opportunities offered by this company.

They create high quality, innovative products that are backed by a client satisfaction guarantee. These products are demonstrated by professional cosmetics consultants to groups or individuals and sold to customers directly. Their products bring out the beauty of the individual and also enhance her self-confidence, self-esteem and well-being.

A Deep Understanding Of Jafra International Products

The products are inclined towards natural resources and ingredients. There is a world class team of research and development that is involved in all the phases of production including the research, formulations, testing and the manufacturing. This ensures that these products are of highest quality, safe and effective. Dermatologists, estheticians, ophthalmologists and toxicologists are involved in reviewing these products.

Jafra Cosmetics A Good Look At The Opportunity

Jan and Frank Day also created a great financial opportunity for women. They wanted them not only to look beautiful but also become financially empowered. This opportunity would allow them set their own financial goals and get a reward for their achievements. They were given an opportunity to become consultants for the company and thus earn a real income and transform their lives.

You can now join this company as a client to enable you purchase their great products directly. You do this by filling up an online order form. Alternatively, you can join as a consultant to enable you start your own home-based business and transform your life financially. As a consultant, you set your own hours, earn an extra income and you can receive recognition and rewards for your achievements.

Consultants can purchase the products at highly discounted prices and sell them directly to consumers. The compensation plan is based on the basic retail commission plan. You place a retail order on $300 in the first month to earn 50% commission and qualify for the 2nd month rewards. In the 2nd month you get a Jafra logo pin plus a time duo of $80 and qualify for the 3rd month’s rewards. In your 3rd month, you get 5 products totaling $170, your consultant card and become a member of the Active Sellers Club.

Additional bonuses and classified monthly bonuses are also available. Your retail percentages depend on the individuals you have recruited, sales volumes and your monthly requirements. Your ranking in the company indicates the bonus percentages your are entitled to. You can also earn unforgettable trips worldwide through your sales and recruitment efforts. Opportunities to host parties on behalf of the company are also available. When you sell the products during such parties you earn free products and product credits.

Is Jafra International A Legit Company?

For those who have wondered if this company is legitimate, then this Jafra Cosmetics review should allay their fears. This is a real company that sells really irresistible, luxurious and highly effective products. It also gives its consultants an opportunity to earn genuine residue income and rewards based on their efforts.

How To Be Successful At The Jafra Business?

The key to really having success in this company is learning how to build the business. Most people will have trouble making serious money with this company because they will be leaving out one key ingredient for success that is “Marketing”. Learning how to Market this business is what’s really going to allow you to make some serious income. If you want to have major success in this or any company out there follow the steps below.


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