List Building Tips, Are You Building A Relationship With Your List?

List building is a critical step in building any successful business. There is a basics business model that all top producers follow online.

  1. Build a List ( Through your marketing and tools such an lead capture page and autoresponder.
  2. Build a relationship with your list very critical. (This can be done by add your video,blog post and other content to your autoresponder messages.)
  3. Monetize Your List (Meaning market to your list your business opportunity,affiliate products and your own products.

Implementing this list building business model in what ever you do will drastically change the face of your business for the better.

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6 thoughts on “List Building Tips, Are You Building A Relationship With Your List?”

  1. People need to know about these little things that makes such a big difference in their business.


  2. Most people just do not realize that ANY relationship takes work, attention, care, and a genuine concern for the other person, whether you are in business with them or not. Thanks for all your great value Dwayne! Thank you for caring about the people on your life – enough to do what you do, with integrity!

  3. Hey Dwayne, you are the man bro! Seriously, I’ve just sat here and watched liked 3 videos and they are all good stuff. What I’ve noticed is that ALOT of people yak about providing value online and on their sites but you really do provide alot of value. Keep up the good work bro… I’m on my way so I’ll see you at the top soon!

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