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Market America Review was badly needed by the people as it is an internet marketing and product brokerage company. It was founded in 1992. James Ridinger is the founder of Market America. It has more than 3 million customers and 180 thousand distributors all over the world. Till today, market America has generated over 3 billion US$ in sales and 1.8 billion US$ are earned by individuals in profits and commissions.

It is a widely spread company and its headquarters are in Greensboro, North Carolina in United States of America. Company has more than 500 employees worldwide in Australia, Canada, Taiwan, Hongkong, etc. By using the concept of one-to-one marketing and mass customization, it has combined people with the internet.

It uses internet technology effectively for direct sales. This company gives great importance to its procedures and policies during its operations. The company uses its network made of distributors and provides good quality products to people. Market America has a powerful brokerage distribution system and products are delivered to customers by company representatives.

Company also takes into account likes and dislikes of customers and also gathers information from customers about what type of product they want. Using the information collected company asks manufacturers to develop product for customers. Company also provides many weight loss and nutritional products. Market America provides customers with branded products.

This company also arranges training and seminars and national meetings for UnFranchise owners. Sales and marketing tools like audio and video CDs, monthly publications, etc. are provided to UnFranchise owners through regular meetings.

It is a chain networking company working on concept of multi level marketing. In it you join as UnFranchise owner and then add new members. An affiliate program is purchased by Market America distributer usually; the distributor buys from company and also maintains a stable sales force. Shopping from Market America is very much cost effective and convenient. Rewards and incentives are provided to distributors for shopping with them.

In Market America distributors and other corporations sponsoring them get their income from market channels and sales of products on the website.

Today, the company is growing fast. Various magazines like people and Forbes magazine are paying attention to Market America. Also CBS and entertainment tonight documented the company. Market America is also a sponsor of many Olympic athletes.

Many people complain about not getting any money in company, but this happens just because of lack of knowledge in the business. Just as the company benefits its customers, people working for the company can also receive benefits if they have basic knowledge of MLM.


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