MLM Leads,Are They Really Necessary To Build a Successful MLM Business?

I been an entrepreneur for a few years now and one of the most important concepts that has help me propel my income is targeted lead generation.

So to answer the question in the title “YesMLM leads are necessary to building a successful MLM business. Leads are the lifeblood of your business without them your business stays in the trenches. Trust me I been in lead poverty before and it’s not a good feeling.

In order for you to generate endless MLM leads for your business you have to learn a few skills. See the problem today is people really think they can come online join a MLM business and make thousands without ever learning these critical skills.

This is the furthest thing from the truth, thus why we have 95 percent of people failing in this industry.

So how do you make yourself part of the 5 percent of people who’s actually seeing results?

Well my friend honestly the answer is very simple you must learn how to market. Marketing will help you generate all the MLM leads you want to build a success MLM business. Marketing is your key to success.

This simple formula is the key to generate endless leads so write it down and remember it. Mindset + Consistent Targeted Marketing + Lead Capture Page= endless MLM Leads for your business. Lets discuss these principles and little more detail.

Mindset – This component is critical to your success in generating leads and ultimately having any success in your business. It’s crazy to think that most people fail before they even turn on the computer. “Sad but true

I say this because if you don’t come with the understanding that building your business is going to take a lot of work and it may take some time before you get results you may quit before you really get started.

I always tell my prospects and team members understand that you need to be consistent in your marketing and be committed.

You must have a don’t quit attitude because trust me you will be tested before you can start earning 5 figures a month. The great thing is the reward is that much sweeter when you get there.

Consistent Targeted Marketing – There are so many ways to market video marketing, article marketing, PPC (Pay Per Click), Social networking just to name a few. The truth is you only need about two strategies to master that will generate the bulk of your leads.

You want to focus on these strategies until you generating about 20 MLM leads a day. Once you hit that point then you should add another strategy to your marketing plan to increase your MLM business lead flow.

All marketing strategies work you just have to take consistent daily action and focus on your goals.

Lead Capture Page – This is how you’re going to capture the traffic from your consistent targeted marketing. You can’t generate MLM leads without a lead capture page. The sole purpose of this page is to capture leads. You want to offer something of value to your targeted traffic in exchange for their contact information.

I mentioned that generating leads is pretty simple once you understand what you’re doing and the principles behind it. This is very true and those who have mastered these principles are the ones who are generating endless leads and creating insane incomes.

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13 thoughts on “MLM Leads,Are They Really Necessary To Build a Successful MLM Business?”

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  2. Great post Dwayne,

    Your formula is very accurate and you’re right…there are so many people who join this industry and expect for the leads and money to come rolling in without putting in any effort. Building your business does require an extensive amount of work and consistency on your behalf and the capture page can make or break you.

    Thanks for sharing and have a blessed day =)

    PS. I really like your blog…very nice!

  3. Thanks Felisa It’s all about giving value and helping people. If I can help one person a day I feel I’m doing my Job. By the way I’ve see your blog it’s great also. We will connect soon.

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