MLM Network Marketing Success| How To Conquer The Fear Of Calling Your Leads

Calling your leads and prospecting is critical to your MLM Network Marketing Success. It’s almost impossible to build a network marketing business without prospecting. No matter if you using the internet or not. Alot of people turn to the internet to build their network marketing business which is great,but the problems lies when people start to think they can hide behind the computer.

The best ways to get over fear of calling your leads and becoming a better at prospecting is to just do it. The best experience you can actually gain is to actually call people. You don’t have to be perfect. The next thing which will help you is to invest in prospecting training to improve your skills.

There are 4 additional steps you can add to become better at prospecting.

When you speak to someone on the phone remember these 4 steps as you go to the process.

Introduction – When you first speak to someone you want to introduce yourself and why you are calling. At this point is a great time to also ask them is this a good time to speak.

Rapport building – Before you dive straight into business ask some questions about them. If can be what do you do for a living, how long you live in your current city etc. This establishes a instant rapport with your and your prospect.

Fact Finding – This is the part where you found out what your prospect is looking for. You want to asked alot of questions and listen to your prospect is here. This will let you know if your product,service or opportunity is a great fit for them.

Close – This is when you ask your prospect are they ready to take action. You must asked your prospect if they are ready to join or sign up. If you don’t most of the time they won’t.

The main thing you want to remember if you call your prospect you will surely improve. Ask questions and listen and you will be on your way to becoming a closing master.

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