MLM | Network Marketing Tips,A Simple 3 Step Process To Triple Your Lead Flow And Sponsor More People into You Business

When I started to implement this 3 step process in my business my results started to sky rocket. It only made sense the more people I invite, exposed and closed into my business the results would only follow.Following this process helps you to really key in on what’s going to help grow your business. Read below what each process means. IEC = Inviting , Exposing and Closing.

Inviting – The process of attracting or drawing the interest of people. This can simply be asking questions to find out people needs and wants. This can also fall under the category of marketing.

Exposing – This second step is critical exposing people to your what you have to offer. This can be a video, webinar or conference call it doesn’t matter. The main job of this step is to let people see exactly what you have to offer. The more you expose the more you will grow.

Closing – This part of the process is very critical following up with your prospect and asking them simple questions. The most important question you can ask is are you ready to get started.

If you remember this 3 step process and implement it as a daily plan of action you will create great results in your business.


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Success Starts With An Idea Then Is Followed Up By Massive Action Towards One’s Goals.

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2 thoughts on “MLM | Network Marketing Tips,A Simple 3 Step Process To Triple Your Lead Flow And Sponsor More People into You Business”

  1. Hey Dwayne,

    Sometimes it is easy to get overwhelmed with “over complicating the process”. Once you break it down like you have here on this post, it should be clear that it really is simple and there is no need to re invent the wheel.

    Follow the simple system, how hard is that?

    ~Scott Manesis

  2. Exactly Scott, the more you simplify things the easier it will be to keep focused and not be overwhelmed.

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