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My name is Dwayne Pyle born and raised in New York City. Today I can honestly say I’m a successful entrepreneur. Success can mean different things for many people. It can be reaching certain income goals or stages in a person life. It really depends on the individual. When I use the word success in regards to my business, it means I’m running a profitable home based business and showing others how to do the same. I have many more goals I wish to achieve in this industry and there’s nothing that’s going to stop me from achieving them. The fact of the matter is to get to the point I’m at now took desire, dedication and hard work. I decided after getting an associate’s degree in Computer Operations and a few years working for someone else I needed my own business.

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I’m very passionate about my business and helping those who are passionate themselves. A lot of my time revolves around my family especially time with my son. When I first started in network marketing I can remember how hard it was. I use to think that just joining a company was it. But I’ve come to realized that it was much more than that. I used to do it all bug family and friends, buy leads to try and get my business off the ground. Needless to say none of those things really worked. Although I failed I never gave up.

Anyone who wants to be successful in this industry has to have an attitude to never quit. After spending a few years learning this industry, I have learned through my failures and experience. My past experiences which have allowed me to see results I can help shortcut anyone’s learning curb by years. I have helped many people who has started seeing results in just a few short months. Thank you for taking the time out to get to know a little more about me.

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See You At The Top,

Dwayne Pyle

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  3. Sounds so familiar. Thanks for the testimony. Great inspiration for those who are starting a MLM or Internet Marketing Business.

    Keep the Fire and desire alive.


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