Regeneca Review: Gives You The Facts

Regeneca International was established by Jamie Speirs, the company’s current CEO of Marketing. The company makes its home in Irvine, California. This Regeneca review will give you a general picture of the company. This way you can determine whether or not Regeneca is a home business that suits your needs.

Ethical Philosophy

Regeneca’s products fight the signs of aging by utilizing only natural ingredients that have been proven to work. The company states that it only uses the highest quality and most ethically grown ingredients that are available. Regeneca’s view is that we cannot help ourselves if we do not help the planet at the same time.

Available Products

The corporation has four broad product categories that target specific areas of the body. The main product line, RegeneHealth, includes RegeneBlend, a juice beverage containing free-radical fighting anti-oxidants gleaned from the most nutritious fruits and vegetables. RegeneBlend assists the body in ridding itself of toxins from the environment that stress the body. One bottle sells for $75. Two other RegeneHealth products are VivaBlend and RegeneErect. The RegeneDerm line consists of a toner, face wash, anti-aging serum and moisturizer. These range in price from $25-$56. Each product contains proprietary ingredients known to support the skin, encourage circulation and enhance a youthful appearance.

RegeneStyle personal care products are made from ingredients that do not harm the body or contribute to the environmental toxins it faces every day. RegeneFit is the line of vitamins and other supplements, as well as meal replacements which will help you achieve an improved fitness level.

Regeneca’s Home Business Opportunity

People from all walks of life have joined Regeneca. Some have previous experience in business, others do not. Experience is not needed to begin your own business. Coaching is supplied by your sponsor and upline, as well as by the company. Training is on the job. This way you earn while you learn.

You can build your own business organization by sponsoring other distributors and sales associates. The fast start commission gets new distributors off on the right foot. Regeneca distributors earn a 30% fast start commission if they purchase or sell $100 of product, on autoship, in the first 30 days of joining the company. Each new distributor or sales associate who joins your team, earns you a$100 bonus.

Another earning opportunity is through retail store sales made to family, friends or acquaintances. You can also earn by selling through your individualized online Regeneca storefront, through matrix commissions and team fast start commissions. Speak to your sponsor about the details of these different ways to earn.

Make An Informed Choice

Regeneca’s singular vision of improving the condition of both the world and the people in it is an uncommon, but growing, philosophy. If you have been searching for a company that has an earth-friendly foundation, consider joining Regeneca as a distributor. By reading this Regeneca review, you can now decide if you and Regeneca make a good match.


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