SendOutCards Review Everything You Need To Know

Are you looking for a Send Out Cards review? You might have heard of Send Out Cards and is interested to figure out whether this MLM business is the right one for you. If you are on the look out for a guide to check about this company, then you have stumbled upon the right post.

SendOutCards Review: Company Management

Send Out Cards is an MLM business that employs distributors who have their online store that can be accessed anywhere in the world. The company is established in Salt Lake City, Utah in 2004. It has grown to turning over $70 million in the year 2009 alone. The company’s founder is Kody Bateman who had revealed that he himself had undergone difficulties in life. When his brother died, Kody found it so hard to deal or communicate with anyone. This is the main reason he has built his business about cards. For him, it was better to communicate using cards.

Send Out Cards Review: Products

SendOutCards members can select from more than 10,000 cards and make their message using their handwriting. All cards can be sent from your computer to your recipient.  When you become a distributor, you can pay only $29 for your startup kit. You can make commissions when enrolling other members to buy the cards. Every card that will be sent from your downline will make you a commission. This business is a very unique one and is very practical for many. You can use these cards for personal or business purposes. You can send out professional business-related cards using this service. You can have so many people interested in this business so it wouldn’t be hard at all selling these cards to other people. You can extend your network very fast and earn more money in the process.

SendOutCards Review: Compensation Plan

All you need to do is to get your starter kit for only $99. From then on, you can start making money. What is included in the kit are your presentation folder and access to a website where you can make advertisements. This website can also be used to process credit cards and orders. You can also get samples of the cards which you can show to others and make them sign up, too. When you sign up to become a distributor, you can earn money on your orders.

You can also earn while you are coaching other people who are interested to join the program. According to other members, they can be paid a bonus for the coaching session. The payment is given weekly. You can also make money from points purchases per month.  You can make money through the GPT or Get Paid Today option which allows you to make money right away. You will need it for your team for continued cash flow.

SendOutCards Review: Conclusion

Overall, the company has a very good compensation plan which helps distributors earn money in several ways. When it comes to the products, it isn’t that hard to sell cards as there are always are in every occasion. If you love to sell cards not only to your friends and loved ones, then you can join the company. You can earn money easier to sell something not so expensive like SendOutCards.

How To Build A Successful Send Out Cards Business?

You see a good number of people when they join great companies like Send Out Cards they don’t think about this question. They dip in feet first without a plan or strategy. Reality doesn’t hit them until a few weeks after being in the company. Reality really kicks in when they try to bring in their family and friends and none of them wants to join.

The key to being successful in any business is learning how to market. You need to become a master at generating your own leads. Secondly everyone in the SendOutCards business gets the identical replicated website,how are you going to standout? You need to learn how to brand yourself. Once you start to figure out some of these concepts you then create duplication with your team. These are all key pieces in being successful in this wonderful industry.

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