SwissJust Review, Exposes Everything People Won’t Tell You About This Company

How Things Got Started In SwissJust

SwissJust is a company that was formed in the Swiss Alps in 1930 by Ulrich Justrich. It produces a variety of products based on essential oils with a philosophy of creating products with a natural approach to well being and health. The company’s products are sold in more than 35 countries worldwide using a direct sales, multi-level marketing model. This article provides a brief SwissJust review.

Understanding How The Products Work In SwissJust

SwissJust produces essential oil-infused products that deliver solutions for minor ailments caused by lifestyle, stress, artificial chemicals and diet. For example, their best selling Eucasol product is a eucalyptus spray that clears the sinuses and helps with breathing problems. Other products include a range of balms and moisturizers that help to protect and heal the skin as well as oils for aromatherapy.

SwissJust products are distributed through a team of over 75,000 independent consultants that sell products by holding parties for families and friends. Consultants earn a percentage of the price of products that they sell directly (between 25% and 40%) as well as earning commissions (2% to 9%) from consultants that they have introduced to the company. The company also offers incentives to top performing consultants in the form of cash prizes, awards and free travel.

Understanding The SwissJust Opportunity

The company’s consultant program is easy to join and has minimal startup costs; a consultant does not need to carry inventory, for example, and a startup package can cost as little as $49. A new consultant joins the program through a sponsoring consultant who holds meetings and provides support to help them get started. To get started a new user needs to complete the Consultant Agreement Form, order a Starter Kit and organize a Swiss Herbal Spa night. Their sponsoring consultant demonstrates the products for invited friends and relatives.

The company provides a free step-by-step training program as well as mentoring by the sponsoring consultant. SwissJust also provides product information kits, organizes national training events and provides international customer support for its products. The company also provides a monthly customer email marketing program and product eCommerce web sites that enable consultants to promote the products online.

When consultants achieve success with their sales they can introduce other people to the program as a sponsoring consultant and then earn a percentage on the sales of the entire group. This enables consultants to generate earnings from each member of the group they have introduced and earn even higher cash bonuses.

While the company emphasizes that being a consultant can be a full time job opportunity, the role provides independence and flexibility since a consultant can work as little or as much as their lifestyle and other commitments allow. The benefit to this form of selling is the team environment of like minded individuals that provides a supportive environment for achieving success.

SwissJust is a reputable company that has been in operation for more than 80 years with proven products and is particularly suited for people that already use essential oils and aromatherapy. This SwissJust review is positive because of the quality of the company’s products and the benefits of being a consultant. Aside from the generous commissions, there are paid incentive trips to exotic locations, monthly reward programs, as well as opportunities to advance into leadership consultant positions by introducing friends and family into the program.

Making Everything Work In Swiss Just

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