Tampogo Review, Expert Opinion On Building A Solid Business

I remember the time when you could only buy things at offline stores. You have your Walmarts, Sears, Best Buys and other stores where we can buy our products. Today we have the growth of the internet where most people are starting to do their shopping online.

It’s more convenient no long lines and running around town what’s better than doing your shopping from the comfort of your own home?  Well I can answer that making money from home is better.Tampogo is a network marketing company that is an actual online store and provides people with the opportunity to make as much money as they want from home.

Tampogo was founded by Chuck Stebbins in 2009. Tampogo is online shopping mall consumers can buy anything from kids toys, jewelry, nutritional supplements, clothing and common house hold products. All of the products in Tampogo are sold at a reduced price. This company is also dedicated to help end world hunger. A percentage of every purchase made by a costumer is dedicated towards feeding a starving child.

Is Tampogo A Scam?

Tampogo is a reputable company allowing people to create a business, helping starving children around the world and selling great products at a reduced price. The word scam and Tampogo shouldn’t be used in the same sentence.

Anyone looking to make money with Tampogo is known as an Independent Representative (IREP). A IREP has the ability to make money from selling Tampogo products and building a team of other IREPs.

You can join TamPogo as an iRep for FREE.  Purchase a minimum of one Fast Track Product each month.  There are thousands of Fast Track Products to choose from. Doing this will keep you qualify as a IREP and to make money with Tampogo.

The key to making money is to recruit as much network partners as possible on your team to really make some real money with Tampogo. So the next question is….

How Do You Build A Successful Business With Tampogo?

This is where most people in network marketing get it all wrong. Tampogo is a great opportunity but it’s impossible to build if you don’t know how to market.

The only way to truly maximize the compensation plan is to become a master marketer. Most people join companies like this harass friends and family, buy leads or start cold calling people. These are techniques you don’t want to rely on to build a solid business.

There is a better way to leverage your time and that’s by using the Internet. If you combine your passion with the right marketing skills, you will literally be able to build a solid business with any company.  Joining the right opportunity is only 20 percent of the battle the other 80 percent is learning how to market.

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